Spanish Tuition and Translation

Business Spanish courses

In our business Spanish courses in Cheltenham you will develop language skills around the business environment from the very beginning.

If you want to have a recognised qualification in Spanish for business you have the choice to prepare for the diplomas of Spanish for business (Certificación de Español para los Negocios) granted by the Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Madrid in association with the University of Alcalá in Spain.

You can attend courses in Cheltenham, or we can provide Spanish tuition in your office within the geographical area of Gloucester, Bristol, Birmingham, Oxford or Cardiff.

By using a communicative and task oriented approach, our Spanish training for business will allow you to put into practice every structure and new vocabulary that you learn in business and professional situations.

If you have no knowledge of the language, you may enrol in the Beginners Level A1-A2 course. If you have had Spanish lessons before, please make an appointment with us at 01242 576032 to arrange for a free level assessment.

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Business Spanish Stage 1 - Levels A1-A2

This course is split into two levels A1 and A2 and the learning program deals with structures and vocabulary found in the business world. Based on a communicative approach, it focuses on active practice related to business and professional situations.

Please see our Business Spanish Stage 1 - Levels A1-A2 programme

Business Spanish Stage 2 - Level B1

You will develop your structural use of the language and acquire new vocabulary to be able to describe personal traits, responsibilities in a job, talk about past experiences and future possibilities. You will learn the conditional and future tenses, frequency adverbs, quantifiers, vocabulary used in discussions, vocabulary related to business correspondence and advertising.

Please see our Business Spanish Stage 2 - Level B1 programme

Business Spanish Stage 3 - Level B2

This is an advanced course for candidates that have a professional or business activity in a Spanish speaking country and need to improve their communication with colleagues or business contacts. They will come into contact with different text and documents of frequent use in business and they will be able to expand and use new vocabulary in writing and speaking.

Please see our Business Spanish Stage 3 – Level B2 programme