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Spanish Facts & Figures

• Nearly 500 million people across the world speak Spanish today Spanish is the second most used language in international communication.

• There are 24 Spanish speaking countries to be explored in business.

• Spanish is the second most common language in U.S. after English. It is spoken by over 44.3 million people, making it the world’s second largest Spanish-speaking community.

• Spanish is one of the languages used by most of the international organisations like the United Nations and its various affiliates viz. UNESCO, UNIDO, WHO, FAO, WTO, etc.

• Latin America is the second fastest growing region in the world, accounting for nearly 5% of the World Trade.

Economic Indicators & Market Size

The Spanish-speaking population in the United States has grown by 60 per cent in just one decade. Due to this increase there is a growing demand for the media to be in Spanish: radio, television, newspaper, magazines. The Latin American countries are experiencing strong economic growth and they are becoming important commercial partners.

The creation of MERCOSUR and many other free trade agreements between South American countries and North America (ALADI, ALBA, the Andean Community, CACM, NAFTA, G3) which already exist in order to improve the economies of these countries, making them more efficient and competitive.

Spanish is the second world language as a vehicle of international communication and the third as an international language of politics, economics and culture. The demand for Spanish courses has doubled worldwide in ten years.

In the United States 13% of the population speak Spanish as their first language. In the United States and Canada, Spanish is the most popular foreign language to learn.


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